CSTO Secretariat

CSTO Secretariat is a permanent working body of the Organization for the implementation of organizational, informational, analytical and consultative support of the activities of the bodies of the Organization.

Governance of the CSTO Secretariat:       

Acting Secretary General of the CSTO - Semerikov Valeriy Anatolyevich (biographical information) - Russian Federation

CSTO Deputy Secretary Generals:

- Tikhonovsky Peter Nikolayevich - (biographical information) - Republic of Belarus

- Sultanov Alymbay Alymbekovich - Kyrgyz Republic

The CSTO Secretariat includes the following main structural units:

1.Manage political cooperation. Head of Department Badalyan Ara Genrikhovich (Republic of Armenia)

2. Managing military security issues. Head of Department Rakhimov Fozil Fozievich (Republic of Tajikistan)

3. Managing counter challenges and threats. Head of Department Kunakbaev Murat Zhankuatovich (Republic of Kazakhstan)

4. Organizational planning management. Head of Department Nikishin Vladimir Ivanovich (Russian Federation)

5. Case management. Head of Department Bulidorov Alexander Petrovich (Russian Federation)

Controls include departments and groups as needed.       

In addition, the Secretariat has units in charge of legal, financial, economic and other issues.             
The number of quota posts in the Secretariat is assigned to the CSTO member states in proportion to their contributions to the budget.             
The appointment of officials for quota posts of the Secretariat is carried out by the Secretary General on a rotational basis every three years, as advised by the CSTO member states.