The Republic of Kazakhstan

The State occupies an area of 2724,9 thousand square kilometers. The population on 01.12.2017 is 18.137.300. 15 September 1995 Presidential Decree was passed on transferring the capital from Almaty to Akmolu (now Astana) situated in the geographical center of the Republic.

According to the Constitution adopted by referendum of 30 August 1995, Kazakhstan is a unitary state with a presidential form of government. It proclaims itself a democratic, secular, legal and social state. The “Republic of Kazakhstan” and “Kazakhstan” are equal.

President of the Republic of Kazakhstan is a Head of State, its supreme administrative authority President is elected for a seven-year period.

The Republic of Kazakhstan has signed the Collective Security Treaty of 15 May 1992 in Tashkent. It is a member of the Collective Security Treaty Organization created in 2003 on the base and in promoting cooperation within the Collective Security Treaty.

Nazarbayev Nursultan Abishevich is the president of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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