The CSTO Collective Security Council decided to provide military-technical assistance to the Border Guards of Tajikistan to strengthen the Tajik-Afghan border and made a statement on the situation in and around Syria After hearing the report of the CSTO Secretary General Nikolai Bordyuzha on the results of the Tajik-Afghan border survey, the presidents decided to consider the adoption of additional measures by the Republic of Tajikistan together with the CSTO member states to strengthen the Tajik-Afghan section of the state border. Based on the request of the Tajik side, the CSTO member states within three months, taking into account their capabilities, will provide free military technical assistance to the Border Troops of the State Committee for National Security of the Republic of Tajikistan.
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Heads of the CSTO member states of the Central Asian region at an informal summit in Bishkek on May 28 decided to assist the authorities of Afghanistan after the withdrawal of the International Security Assistance Force from the territory of this country in 2014