The heads of state of the CSTO member states at the session of the Collective Security Council on December 21, 2015 in Moscow discussed the main problems of international security and adopted a Statement on countering international terrorism
In today's meeting. The CSC Statement sets out assessments and approaches in relation to the most important issue of the day - the issue of countering international terrorism. The CSTO member states support the formation of a broad coalition on the basis of the provisions of the UN Charter, the norms and principles of international law. We are confident that the effective fight against terrorism cannot be waged without a reliable overlapping of the sources of its financing, blocking the channels of financial support.
The priority theme of the session of the Collective Security Council in Dushanbe on September 15, 2015 was the development of the military component and consideration of the results of a surprise check of the Collective Rapid Reaction Forces to accomplish tasks for