Stanislav Zas has informed deputies about the situation in the CSTO zone of responsibility and the results of the peacekeeping operation in the Republic of Kazakhstan


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The Republic of Tajikistan will host a special-purpose training “Kobalt-2021”

The Republic of Tajikistan will host a special-purpose training “Kobalt-2021” 15.11.2021

From 17 to 19 November, this year, tactical and special training with special units, included in the formations of special forces of the Collective Rapid Reaction Forces (CRRF) of the CSTO under the code name "Cobalt-2021" will take place in the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan. The training is being conducted in accordance with the 2021 Plan for the joint training of command and control bodies and formations of the assets of the CSTO collective security system.

The training will be conducted in two stages. During the first stage, the issues of formation and coordination of the Operational Staff of the CSTO CRRF formations of special forces and planning the use of the group of the assets of the CSTO CRRF formations of special forces as intended will be practiced.

The second stage will include a practical training of combined operational and combat teams of competent authorities of CSTO member States in a special operation to destroy (neutralize) illegal armed groups in the border areas.

In the course of the command and staff training with the operational staff of the Operational Headquarters of the CSTO CRRF formations of special forces, it is planned to test all elements of interspecific interaction, planning and conducting a special operation.

During practice of training tasks special troops of bodies of internal affairs, national guard, drug control, state security services of CSTO member States in close contact with units of Armed Forces, Border Troops of the Republic of Tajikistan and Committee on Emergency Situations and Civil Defense under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan as well as servicemen of 201st Russian military base will practice interaction and field training, exchange experience, receive skills of participation in a large-scale special operation in conditions close to combat.


The CSTO Press Secretary    Vladimir Zaynetdinov




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