The CSTO Permanent Council has agreed on a Plan of Consultations on Foreign Policy, Security and Defense, as well as a draft Ministerial Council decision on increasing information work on the CSTO activities


On April 19, this year, under the chairmanship of the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Tajikistan Hasan Sultonov, a meeting of the Permanent Council of the Collective Security Treaty Organization was held via videoconferencing. The CSTO Secretary General Stanislav Zas took part in the meeting.

In preparation for the upcoming in April and May, this year, meetings of the statutory bodies of the Organization, the Plan of consultations of representatives of the CSTO member states on foreign policy, security and defense for the second half of 2021 - the first half of 2022 has been considered and agreed upon.

A draft Decision of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the Collective Security Treaty Organization member states, concerning joint measures by diplomatic missions of the CSTO member states to increase information work on the activities of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, was also agreed.

The Permanent Council decided to send these documents in the prescribed manner for consideration at the upcoming meetings of the CSTO statutory bodies.

A number of important political statements and documents were also considered. Work on these documents will continue at subsequent meetings of the CSTO Permanent Council.


The CSTO Press Secretary Vladimir Zaynetdinov




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