On May 16, 2024, the CSTO Secretariat hosted a round table on the theme: “Cooperation in the Information and Analytical Sphere to Address Challenges and Threats to Collective Security Predicting”, timed to coincide with the Press Day in the Republic of Belarus. The event was attended by Alexander Grinevich, Permanent and Plenipotentiary Representative of the Republic of Belarus to the CSTO, Alexander Shpakovsky, Minister Counselor of the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus to the Russian Federation, representatives of the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies and the Belarusian media.


15 May marks the 32nd anniversary of the conclusion of the Collective Security Treaty. The document has played an important stabilizing role in the turbulent geopolitical changes in the post-Soviet space and to this day is a key element in ensuring the security of the participating states and maintaining peace and stability in the region.


On 24 April 2024, in Moscow, at the CSTO Secretariat consultations of the CSTO member states under the chairmanship of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the theme: "On topical issues of arms control, disarmament and non-proliferation" took place.

The CSTO Mission advance team will be sent to the Republic of Armenia on September 15

The CSTO Mission advance team will be sent to the Republic of Armenia on September 15 14.09.2022

The CSTO has started implementation of the agreement, reached at the extraordinary session of the Collective Security Council on September 13, 2022, to send the CSTO Mission to the Republic of Armenia to assess the current situation in some areas on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan and prepare a detailed report to the heads of the CSTO member states.

The advance team headed by Colonel General Anatoly Sidorov, Chief of the CSTO Joint Staff, will fly to Armenia on September 15. 

The CSTO Secretary General Stanislav Zas, the Head of the Collective Security Treaty Organization mission, is planning to visit the Republic of Armenia next week. 


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