Military contingents and formations of special forces will fulfill combat training tasks in order to strengthen the covering state border troops, conduct a special operation to block a section of the border of a CSTO member state, defeat and eliminate illegal armed groups and conduct and intelligence with the integrated use of various ground and air-based weapons.
It is planned to work out the issues of training and use of intelligence forces and means in the joint operation of the Collective Rapid Reaction Forces (CRRF) of the CSTO, practical actions of intelligence forces and means in the interests of localizing the border armed conflict in the East European CSTO Collective Security  Region.
Questions were discussed on expanding the CSTO's cooperation with international organizations in order to use the potential in providing assistance in case of emergency.
The meeting is attended by CCES leaders and members and the CSTO Acting Secretary General Valery Semerikov, as well as representatives of international and non-governmental organizations.

The acting Secretary General of the CSTO Valery Semerikov will address the session of the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs in Vienna


The acting Secretary General of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) Valery Semerikov will take part in the meeting of the Ministerial segment of the 62nd session of the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs which will be held on March, 14-15th this year at the UN International Centre in Vienna.

During the session current trends of drug distribution will be analyzed, the discussion of global issues of countering the drug trafficking, the prevention of non-medical use of new psychoactive substances, the cure and rehabilitation of drug-dependent persons, as well as the expansion of international cooperation within anti-drug policies will take place.

In the statement at this session, Valery Semerikov will focus on the organization of activities within the framework of the CSTO’s work that aims to counter drug trafficking, including the results of the annual operation "Channel", which has received international recognition among specialists from various states and relevant structures of regional and international organizations. Another topic of the presentation will be the organization of interaction and strengthening of mechanisms of international cooperation in anti-drug activities.

“On the margins” of the session will be held working meetings of V.Semerikov with the leadership of UNODC, CARICC, the high representatives of the CSTO Member States law enforcement agencies which are a part of the Coordination Council of the Heads of Competent Authorities for Countering the Illicit Drug Trafficking.


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