The Collective Peacekeeping Forces of the Collective Security Treaty Organization worked out the issues of occupying the zone of responsibility, separating the conflicting parties, creating demilitarized zones and humanitarian corridors.

On October 28, 2019, in the Republic of Tajikistan, at the Harb-Maidon training ground, the second final stage of the joint training “Indestructable Brotherhood-2019” was held. The training was attended by military contingents, police units of the Republic of Armenia, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Russian Federation, the Republic of Tajikistan, allocated to the CSTO Peacekeeping Forces, as well as the operational group of the CSTO Joint Staff, officials of the CSTO Secretariat, representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross. The training involved more than 3,500 military personnel and over 600 pieces of equipment, including aviation - the Su-24MR reconnaissance aircraft, Su-25SM aircraft, Mi-24 army helicopters, and Forpost and Orlan unmanned aerial vehicles.

In Tajikistan, the first stage of the joint training of the CSTO countries “Indestructible Brotherhood - 2019” is completed

The issues of preparing a joint operation and managing the contingents of the CRRF CSTO while conducting practical actions to localize the border armed conflict in the East European collective security region are being worked out. In addition, it is envisaged that military contingents and formations of special forces will carry out combat training tasks in intelligence with the integrated use of various ground and air-based means, strengthen the state border cover troops, conduct a special operation to block the border section of the CSTO member state, defeat and liquidate illegal armed groups.

In Tajikistan, the first stage of the joint training of the CSTO countries “Indestructible Brotherhood - 2019” is completed

24.10.2019 В Таджикистане завершился первый этап совместного учения стран ОДКБ «Нерушимое братство – 2019»

In Tajikistan, the first stage of the joint exercise “Indestructible Brotherhood - 2019” was completed. The counter-terrorist operation of the Collective Rapid Deployment Forces of the Central Asian region at the Harb-Maidon training ground was attended by military contingents from four countries belonging to the Collective Security Treaty Organization: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan.

According to legend, the organized "bandit groups" broke through the border of the Republic of Tajikistan from Afghanistan and began the battle with the Tajik detachments of the border troops. The operatively arrived servicemen of the 201st military base and airborne assault company of the Republic of Tajikistan, the first to engage in combat, delayed the militants' advance.

The bandit squads continued to harass the departing units of the 201st Military Base and the company of the Republic of Tajikistan. Subdivisions of the Collective Rapid Deployment Forces sequentially retreated to established lines, pulling enemy units into the fire bag, defeating the enemy and forcing reserves into battle.

The defending forces were supported by artillery units of the 201st Military Base, armed with Grad multiple launch rocket systems, Gvozdika and Acacia self-propelled howitzers. With concentrated fire, the calculations worked out the destruction of enemy firepower and manpower. Air cover was provided by the crews of Kazakhstani Su-30SM fighters, Russian attack and transport-combat helicopters Mi-24 and Mi-8, delivering missile and bomb attacks on the positions of militants.

Having exhausted the "enemy", the coalition group's units, on a signal, went on the attack, taking to flight the units of illegal armed groups. The rocket and barrel artillery units performed both concentrated fire and for individual targets, together ensuring the actions of the advancing troops. Mi-24 helicopters worked out the “Helicopter Fire Carousel” and escorting the advancing troops in depth, setting motionless barrage fire and delivering concentrated attacks on the enemy. Two Mi-24 pairs of the Russian Federation provided air support to the advancing troops, inflicting constant fire damage to the enemy using S-8 KOM unguided missiles.

Throughout the course of practical actions, the integrated use of electronic warfare was carried out, which did not allow the enemy to coordinate their actions to control the battle.

The basis for the implementation of combat training tasks is the experience of combat operations of modern armed conflicts and the forms of application and methods of formations, military units and units tested during combat training events.


Joint Press Center of the CSTO Exercise of the Indestructible Brotherhood - 2019

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