On May 24, 2022, under the chairmanship of the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Armenia Suren Papikian, a meeting of the Council of Defense Ministers of the Collective Security Treaty Organization was held via videoconferencing.

The defense ministers of the Republic of Belarus (Lieutenant General Viktor Khrenin), of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Colonel General Ruslan Zhaksylykov), of the Kyrgyz Republic (Lieutenant General Baktybek Bekbolotov), of the Russian Federation (Army General Sergey Shoygu), of the Republic of Tajikistan (Colonel General Sherali Mirzo), as well as the CSTO Secretary General Stanislav Zas and the Head of the CSTO Joint Staff - Colonel General Anatoly Sidorov participated in the meeting.

RIA Novosti news agency: the CSTO proposes to include its peacekeepers to the UN missions


Аллея флагов возле здания ООН в Женеве - РИА Новости, 1920, 02.12.2020

© RIA Novosti news agency/ Alexey Vitvitsky
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MOSCOW, December 2 - RIA Novosti news agency.  The Organization's Secretary General Stanislav Zas  told reporters on Wednesday  that the CSTO intended to join the UN peacekeeping operations in the future. 

The CSTO Peacekeeping Forces include about 3.6 thousand people. At the moment, they are not used anywhere. Only Russia has sent peacekeepers to  Nagorno-Karabakh the CSTO has no relevance to this mission.
ZVF_6213.JPG"Today, a number of documents important for our activities in various fields have been approved. These are several documents on the development of our peacekeeping potential and further steps to join the UN peacekeeping activities," Zas said following the session of the CSTO Collective Security Council.
According to him, the heads of the CSTO member states agreed that further "we apply the UN work scheme through the coordinating state of the CSTO, which on behalf of our organization will engage our peacekeeping potential in the UN operation."

The heads of the CSTO countries have determined the basic organization of the CSTO for the training of peacekeeping personnel, taking into account the standards and characteristics of the UN.

The composition of the Peacekeeping Forces has been clarified in order to increase their attractiveness specifically for participation in UN operations - in particular, a medical detachment is included, which will be formed on the basis of the Burdenko hospital.

Президент РФ Владимир Путин проводит сессию Совета коллективной безопасности ОДКБ - РИА Новости, 1920, 02.12.2020


The CSTO will continue the course of cooperation with international organizations.

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