In an exclusive commentary to Cronos.Asia, the CSTO Secretary General Imangali Tasmagambetov spoke about the progress of the negotiations.


On June 6, 2024, in Almaty, a meeting of the CSTO Committee of Secretaries of Security Council was held under the chairmanship of the Republic of Kazakhstan. During the meeting, the CSTO Secretary General Imangali Tasmagambetov made a report on the situation in the CSTO area of responsibility and measures aimed at neutralizing challenges and threats to the security of Collective Security Treaty Organization member states.

Sputnik Armenia reports that the Armenian Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan said that he had excellent relations with CSTO Secretary General Imangali Tasmagambetov.

The CSTO in the focus of global terrorism - Interview with Taalatbek Masadykov, the CSTO Deputy Secretary General, Special Representative of the CSTO Secretary General on Peacekeeping


Taalatbek Masadykov, Special Representative of the CSTO Secretary General on Peacekeeping, told Sputnik Radio Kyrgyzstan in an interview, why the threat of international terrorism to the CSTO countries was growing.

Over the past few years, experts have been talking about the continuing threat of international terrorism, and this issue has been one of the central topics on the platform of the Collective Security Treaty Organization. However, there have been no vivid manifestations of this evil on the territory of the Collective Security Treaty Organization. Everything changed in March of this year after the tragic events in “Crocus City Hall”.

In an interview for Radio Sputnik Kyrgyzstan ТTaalatbek Masadykov noted that terrorism threats to the CSTO countries had increased significantly.

"The focus of international terrorism is slowly shifting to the CSTO countries. This is understandable: the world is changing, there is global confrontation, there is a desire of certain countries to impose their way of thinking and life on other countries, and this process is very painful. I am also referring to the unprecedented act of terrorism in “Crocus City Hall”, which killed women and children," Masadykov said.

He emphasized that the threats of international terrorism had also increased in Central Asia.

"We have all seen what is happening in the Middle East. So, this could happen at any moment in our region, especially since we are noticing the activation of radicals in our region. I have been talking about this for a long time. A number of our officials and experts, not only in the Kyrgyz Republic, but also in other countries, disagreed with me, saying that this problem was being artificially inflated and that there were no grounds for great concern. But life has shown that there are, and terrorist threats and challenges today are close to our home, the CSTO countries and other neighbors. Therefore, we need to be very, very vigilant," the Special Representative of the CSTO Secretary General concluded.

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