The release of the social-political multimedia publication "SOYUZNIKI. ODKB (ALLIES. CSTO)" has begun.

The release of the social-political multimedia publication "SOYUZNIKI. ODKB (ALLIES. CSTO)" has begun. 31.05.2019

On May 31, 2019, the release of the electronic version of the social-political publication "SOYUZNIKI. ODKB (ALLIES. CSTO)" has begun. The issue was supported by the Secretariat of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO). Website

"SOYUZNIKI. ODKB (ALLIES. CSTO)" is a media resource telling about the activities of the CSTO, issues related to the provision of collective security, political cooperation, military-technical and military-economic cooperation, joint struggle against modern challenges and threats of Armenia and Belarus. Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan.

The publication plans to produce the content informing the reader about the CSTO news and about the impact of the Organization’s activities on various spheres of state, public and political life in the CSTO member states.

The readers will be able to get an information picture of the day through the prism of how the military-political space of the CSTO member states is changing, what actual problems of countering the challenges are currently being solved in the format of the Organization and at the national level.

It is expected that the leading politicians and military leaders, diplomats and economists, famous scientists, competent experts and observers of all CSTO member states will act as newsmakers and authors of publications.

The multimedia format of the publication will allow not only to use various advanced technologies to deliver the information on web pages, but also provide an opportunity to quickly publish important news and respond to significant events in accordance with the needs of modern audiences.

Journal in social networks: «Facebook»«Twitter», Instagram,  VKontakte.

"SOYUZNIKI. ODKB (ALLIES. CSTO)" is a publication that actively and timely covers the activities of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, an effective resource that forms a unified media space of the CSTO member states, carrying out program informational support of their activities.

CSTO press secretary Vladimir Zainetdinov    





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