The Acting Secretary General of the Collective Security Treaty Organization Valery Semerikov in an interview with MIRK "MIR" summed up the work of the Organization in 2019


What can you say about the outgoing year? How difficult was it, or maybe, on the contrary, easy?

The year was tense. This tension was caused, first of all, by the need to fulfill the tasks that the heads of state set before us at the session in 2018. Secondly, these are the priorities that the President of Kyrgyzstan announced for the period of the organization’s chairmanship. I can say that this work has been completed, as evidenced by the agenda of the 2019 session, where our presidents considered 17 issues. All of them received approval and a corresponding decision.

What are the main threats to the member countries of the Collective Security Treaty Organization?

First of all, this is the destruction of the international security architecture that exists today. As a result of the policies pursued by the United States and its satellites to withdraw from various arms control treaties, there is a great danger. It is also the militarization of space and information aggression. The second global threat, which was recognized within the UN framework and was noted at the session by the heads of our states, is international terrorism. It has embraced a very large geostrategic space and is improving his actions, forms on the territory of various states.

Speaking of terrorism, is one of the main threats emanating from Afghanistan?

Now there are enough terrorists throughout the Eurasian space, in all states. Somewhere there are loners, somewhere they are united in organized groups. This year we conducted an operation codenamed “Mercenary” ("Naemnik") and identified about 600 people - accomplices and members of terrorist organizations. On the territory of our states, we have identified more than 30 channels of illegal migration. Naturally, appropriate decisions were made in all these cases. As for Afghanistan, after ISIS (banned in the Russian Federation) suffered a colossal defeat in Syria, they began to move around and seek fertile ground for themselves. Of course, this is Afghanistan. Their concentration in northern Afghanistan is of great concern to us. Because it is the border with Tajikistan, the border with the member states of our organization in Central Asia. They did not just concentrate there, but train militants, the purpose of which is to send them to the territory of our states to carry out various sabotage activities of a terrorist orientation. All this poses are a certain threat to us.

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