STATEMENT of the Ministers for Foreign Affairs of the Collective Security Treaty Organization Member States on international security issues

10.06.2022 Download document

We, the member states of the CSTO, express our deep concern at the continuing degradation of the international security system.

We consider it important to reaffirm our position on the assertion and strict observance of the principle of equl and indivisible security, enshrined, in particular, at the highest level in several documents of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, including the OSCE Charter for European Security in 1999 and the Astana Commemorative Declaration of the OSCE Summit in 2010. The principle is the inextricable link between the security of
The principle is that the security of each state is inextricably linked to that of all other states and that the security of one state cannot be strengthened at the expense of the security of others.
of other states is inadmissible. It is important to ensure its uniform interpretation among all OSCE participating States.

We emphasize that, in accordance with the documents listed above, no State, group of States or organization can be given primary responsibility for maintaining peace and stability. We are in favour of further strengthening the primary role of the United Nations Security Council in the maintenance of international peace and security entrusted to it by the Charter of the United Nations.

The CSTO member States call for building a world free of war and conflicts, violence and pressure, for the development of comprehensive, equal and mutually beneficial cooperation, and for the achievement of comprehensive, sustainable and cooperative security
taking into account the interests of all states and peoples.

10 June 2022
Yerevan city

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