During the final stage of the active phase of the training of the Collective Rapid Reaction Forces "Interaction 2016", a landing force was landed in the Pskov Region, the invasion of a conditional enemy was repelled, and the Allied forces launched a count


CSTO Secretary General Nikolai Bordyuzha , Chief of the CSTO Joint Staff Colonel-General Anatoly Sidorov took part in the final phase of the active phase of the command-staff exercise of the CSTO “Interaction-2016” collective response forces. For the first time, the Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to NATO Alexander Grushko.
The final stage of the exercise was held on August 18 at the central range of the Airborne Troops "Strugi Reds". 


The exercise began on August 16 under the leadership of Colonel-General Andrei Karatapolov, commander of the Western Military District of Russia .

Within three days, a wide range of tasks were worked out for localizing the conditional border conflict in the territory of one of the CSTO member states. (Photo gallery)

The military contingents of the CSTO Collective Rapid Response Forces from, the Russian Airborne Forces, the Special Operations Forces of the Republic of Belarus and the Airmobile Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan as well as the operational teams from Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan conducted separate and joint training sessions. the tasks of eliminating illegal armed groups, organizing defense and offensive, using motorized rifle, tank, artillery, flamethrowing subsections army, operational and tactical aviation in the solution of assigned tasks.


According to the plan of the exercise, during one of the stages of the exercise “Interaction 2016”, the recorded voice through loudspeakers called for the “soldiers of the Western Alliance” to surrender and lay down their arms. The recording was broadcast in several European languages, including Russian, German, and English and Polish. "Soldiers and officers of the Western military alliance! You are being deceived! You are not peacekeepers! You have invaded foreign territory. Lay down your arms and surrender, or you will be caught up with just retribution and the wrath of a people who have not yet suffered defeat in any war. Drop your arms, stop being puppets in the hands of your leaders, "the recorded voice called for. According to legend, the teachings, the country of the Western military alliance created ostensibly peacekeeping force and without UN sanction invaded the territory of a neighboring state - CSTO members for the purpose under the guise of "peacekeeping operation" to separate from it a certain border area, where there are illegal armedformirvoaniya and destabilize the situation. 


During the “Interaction-2016” exercise, one of the scenarios for the defensive and counter-offensive operations of the CSTO CSTO RRF, motorized rifle and tank units of the Western Military District in the collective security region was played out with the support of operational-tactical and army aviation. The reserves of the conditional enemy were destroyed by a strike from the Su-34 fighter-bomber link and the KA-52, MI-28 and MI-24 helicopters. CSTO CRRF units from the 31st separate airborne assault brigade from Ulyanovsk with 8 military transport planes IL-76 landed 300 paratroopers and 6 armored vehicles (BMD-2) near Pskov on an unfamiliar landing site, breaking more than 1500 kilometers. The airfield of the conditional enemy was captured and retained until the approach of the CSTO Collective Rapid Reaction Forces.

In addition, tank units, Grad multiple rocket launchers, and Buratino, the Western Military District heavy flame-thrower systems, demonstrated a new fire-fighting technique.


The reconnaissance groups, using the complexes of unmanned aerial vehicles "Orlan", revealed the nomination of a conditional enemy, which was attacked by units of jet and artillery.

The fire of the Grad multiple launch rocket systems and the Msta-S self-propelled howitzers was corrected with the help of the Strelets reconnaissance, communication and control systems. The tank divisions that launched the offensive destroyed the automobilebridge with the support of the Ka-52 and Mi-28 combat attack helicopters and destroyed the armored vehicles imitated by full-size targets at a range of up to 3 km.


With the units of the Western Military District attracted for practical actions on the CSTO CRRF, an episode of defeat of the conditional adversary wedged in was played out and consolidated on the achieved line, followed by the pursuit of the retreating conditional adversary.

During the exercise, the effectiveness of the algorithm developed by the organization of control and interaction between the joint strategic command of the Western Military District, the Command and control bodies of the CORF, as well as between formations, military units and subdivisions of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the CSTO CSTO in the course of practical play of combat operations was tested.

CSTO General Secretary Nikolai Bordyuzha highly appreciated the actions of the CSTO CRRF and the defense forces personnel during the “Interaction-2016” exercise. “Today we have worked on these exercises, first of all, the control mechanism of the Collective Forces of the CSTO and the joint strategic command of the Western Military District.

Alexander Grushko, the Permanent Representative of Russia to NATO, said that the Interaction 2016 exercise of the Collective Rapid Reaction Forces of the CSTO is of great importance for strengthening the security of both Russia and the CSTO allies. He is convinced that Moscow should work to ensure reliable collective security. “This is especially relevant in the conditions when NATO pursues a policy of“ containing Russia ”, building up its military presence in Eastern Europe near the borders of Russia and its allies,” said Alexander Grushko.

The number of contingents of the CSTO CRRF involved in the exercise "Mutual Action-2016" is more than 1,300 people. In total, about 6,000 people took part in the exercise, taking into account the troops of the Western Military District. and up to 1000 units. weapons, military and special equipment.


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