In accordance with the Plan for joint training of command bodies and formations of the forces and means of the CSTO collective security system for 2022, a set of measures was taken to improve the readiness of special forces formations that are part of the CSTO Collective Rapid Reaction Forces (CSTO CRRF formations of special forces) for use as intended.
During the period from 2 to 5 August of this year, on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic, tactical and special trainings with special units belonging to the CSTO CRRF formations of special forces under the code name "Cobalt-2022" were conducted in two stages.22».


The CSTO Secretariat is concerned by the information about the armed clashes that took place in Nagorno-Karabakh and resulted in human casualties. I express my deep condolences to the families and friends of the fallen servicemen. We urge the parties to the conflict to refrain from the use of force and to use only diplomatic methods to overcome their differences.


On August 3, 2022 in the Kyrgyz Republic, at the “Edelweiss” training range in Balykchy, the opening ceremony of the tactical and special training "Cobalt-2022" with the special forces formations included in the CSTO Collective Rapid Reaction Forces (CRRF) took place.


On August 2-5, this year, in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic, in accordance with the Plan of joint training of the forces and means of the CSTO collective security system, a tactical and special training with the formations of special forces included in the CSTO Collective Rapid Reaction Forces (CSTO CRRF formations of special forces) will take place.

In Tajikistan, a joint exercise with the forces and reconnaissance forces of the armed forces of the CSTO Poisk-2016 member states was completed


On April 22, 2016, at the Magob Center of the Republic of Tajikistan, the final stage of a joint exercise was held with the forces and reconnaissance forces of the armed forces of the CSTO Poisk-2016 CSTO member states on the topic “Organizing and conducting reconnaissance using the forces and equipment of the armed forces of the Treaty Organization collective security in the exacerbation of the military-political situation in the Member State of the Organization ". This exercise in the framework of the CSTO is held for the first time (video) (a photo).

     During the final stage of the exercise, “Conducting reconnaissance during the localization of an armed conflict,” intelligence was gathered, processed and analyzed, a special operation was carried out to capture and destroy critical objects with forces (subunits) of special (troop) reconnaissance, exchange of intelligence information between points and control groups at a joint command post, fire destruction of uncovered objects.

Practically carried out reconnaissance in various ways, the search and capture of a prisoner, storming the building and seizing the leader of illegal armed groups, the destruction of the camp of illegal armed groups and the release of hostages.

        The active phase of the exercise started with the work of the electronic intelligence of the Armed Forces Of the Republic of Belarus. The mobile groups equipped with the “Grach” and “Kapkan” complexes, quickly discovered and tracked down the radio stations of the conditional enemy, and transmitted this information to the joint reconnaissance point. Belarusian military and special intelligence personnel raided the firing positions of mortars, destroyed the militants and struck an artillery strike from captured guns at the base of gangs. In the final of the exercise, our scouts demonstrated a master class on tactical speed shooting in case of a sudden meeting with the enemy. The management highly appreciated the Belarusian military training.

      The objectives of the Poisk-2016 exercise are to test the practical management of forces and assets during a joint operation, assess the ability to perform tasks in the Central Asian region in the context of the intensification of terrorist movements, achieving interoperability of military intelligence units and units of the CSTO member states.

       More than 1.5 thousand military personnel, as well as crews of army, operational and tactical, transport and unmanned aircraft took part in the Poisk-2016 exercise.

       Upon completion of the practical action , a solemn closing ceremony of the joint exercise was held on the territory of the Magob Educational Center with the participation of the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Tajikistan and the Chief of the CSTO Joint Staff Anatoly Sidorov.
         Summing up the results of the exercise, Anatoly Sidorov stressed that it was held in conditions as close to reality as possible. “Today, the world is facing threats, especially in Central Asia,” he noted. “It has become obvious that in order to counter potential threats, it is necessary to use all types of intelligence forces, from ground to space.” According to him, it is important to forestall a potential enemy capable of sudden actions, no matter who he is, the Islamic State terrorist organization (banned in the CSTO member states or by other extremist groups.
      The chief of the CSTO Joint Staff reported that in the event of a real threat, despite the different deletions of the units that are part of the collective forces of the CSTO, after a political decision was taken, as a whole, they would begin providing real assistance to the state, which turned to the Organization for help. Collective Security Treaty.


Joint Press Center of the Search-2016 exercise



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