The second doctrine of the CSTO peacekeeping forces "Indestructible Brotherhood-2013", October 7-11, 2013, Chelyabinsk region of Chebarkul

The second doctrine of the CSTO peacekeeping forces "Indestructible Brotherhood-2013", October 7-11, 2013, Chelyabinsk region of Chebarkul


The second doctrine of the CSTO peacekeeping forces "Indestructible Brotherhood-2013", October 7-11, 2013, Chelyabinsk region of Chebarkul


 The peacekeeping doctrine "The Indestructible Brotherhood 2013" in the Chelyabinsk region of Russia ended with the successful conduct of a peacekeeping operation in the conditional state of the Republic of Uralia

October 11, this year . the second joint CSTO peacekeeping doctrine, “The Indestructible Brotherhood 2013”, was held in the Chelyabinsk Region at the 255th interspecific training ground of the Central Military District of Russia near the city ​​of Chebarkul .


During the final stage of the next 4th tactical episode from the MI-8 helicopter, a landing force of the Collective Peacekeeping Forces was landed on the road and a mobile checkpoint was installed on the road. On it, during the inspection of the Hamer car, the delivery of a large batch of weapons to the “extremists” was prevented.

The crews of Mi-8 helicopters under the cover of a pair of combat helicopters Mi-24 found a suspicious convoy moving into an area with unstable internal conditions. Peacekeepers from the Kazakh peacekeeping brigade " Kazbrig ", designated special signs with a checkpoint and blocked the road. Stopped " Hamer " under the guise of humanitarian aid carried small arms: hand-held anti-tank grenade launchers, portable anti-aircraft missile systems and explosives destined for one of the leaders of illegal armed groups.

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The “militants” who were waiting for this cargo tried to attack the peacekeepers and repel their vehicles with weapons. However, the commander of the mobile checkpoint made a decision using a Mi-24 combat helicopter to strike. The bandits did not manage to take possession of the cargo, they were detained, and some were destroyed. After that, the CSTO peacekeepers began to work out the last 5th episode of practical actions.

In the conditional settlement of Pashino, there were “mass riots” initiated by “extremists” from among the “ Karkulis ”, who advocated separation from the Republic of Uralia .

CSTO Collective Peace-keeping forces  units successfully stopped illegal mass demonstrations and detained the instigators. At the same time, police forces and special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which are also part of the Collective Peacekeeping Forces of the CSTO, were involved. The SOBRs "Lynx" and the State Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Chelyabinsk Region freed the hostages, and the OMON "bison" and their Chelyabinsk colleagues, using special means and the Storm water cannon, cut the aggressive crowd and detained the leaders of the "mass riots".

The command of the peacekeeping forces at the same time isolated the unstable area according to a previously developed plan of the operation. Landing groups of peacekeepers who landed on the outskirts of the village blocked the roads and approaches to Pashino .

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The emergency situation is completed safely: long-awaited humanitarian aid was delivered to the settlement, the work of state authorities was restored, and the population again began to live in peace. According to the legend of the exercise, the peacekeeping operation in the conditional CSTO member state - the Republic of Uralia is considered to be successfully completed.



The head of the “Indestructible Brotherhood 2013” exercise , the Commander of the Central Military District of Russia, Colonel-General Nikolai Bogdanovsky , summing up, said: “During   we set three goals: increasing the role of command and control, improving the issues of combat training in the performance of combat training tasks, increasing the level of interaction among units of various states. All these tasks were completed successfully. I assess the actions of the peacekeeping units of the six CSTO member states as successful. I believe that next year, we will improve the level of interaction and solve more capacious and efficiently performed tasks assigned to the CSTO. ”


CSTO Deputy Secretary General Valery Semerikov noted the coherence of the actions of the Collective Peace-keeping forces  units during the exercise and gave them a positive assessment. He also said: “Today the demand for peacekeeping units of the CSTO, which can perform their functions not only in the CSTO member states, but also outside its borders, is mandated by the UN Collective Security Council. At the end of September last year, a relevant memorandum was signed between the CSTO Secretariat and the UN Peacekeeping Department, which reflects the basic principles of cooperation in the field of peacekeeping. ”



During the exercise, for the first time, the CSTO Joint Headquarters, headed by its chief, Lieutenant-General Alexander Studenikin , worked out the stage of military-political assessment   the situation in the conditional member state of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (Republic of Uralia ) and the decision to prepare proposals for the statutory bodies of the CSTO - CFM  -  CMD - CSSC and the Collective Security Council in order to conduct a peacekeeping operation. As a result of the simulated situation, all the necessary draft documents were worked out and the CSTO CSC Mandate was given to the Commander of the Collective Peacekeeping Forces, who was appointed Major General Konstantin Kastornov , the newly appointed chief of staff of the 35th Army of the Eastern Military District.


Unfortunately, an emergency happened during the exercise. On October 8, a tragic accident killed a fighter — a 25-year-old junior sergeant of contract service from the 15th separate motorized rifle brigade of the Central Military District of Russia ( Samara ), who was seriously injured by a fallen tree due to a gust of wind during engineering work. He was taken to a medical unit, but could not be saved. Speaking at a rally to close the exercise, the Commander of the Central Military District Nikolai Bogdanovsky and Deputy Secretary General of the CSTO Valery Semerikov expressed their condolences to the relatives and friends of the deceased sergeant. 


The exercise ended with the awarding of medals and valuable gifts to distinguished soldiers and officers. The medal "20 years of the Collective Security Treaty" was awarded to 17 military personnel from all contingents and the joint command of the CMS of the CSTO. After receiving awards to the melody and the performance of national anthems by the troops, the flags of the CSTO member states were lowered, the peacekeeping contingents in full gear with weapons, minting every step, passed under the banner with a solemn march.

The “Indestructible Brotherhood 2013” ​​exercise involved a total of about 4,000 people, including the air force grouping and support units, as well as about 500 units of equipment. The CSTO includes Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan.


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