In the CSTO Secretariat commented on the decision of the President of the Russian Federation on the withdrawal of the group of Russian troops from Syria

11.12.2017 The CSTO Secretariat confirms support for the sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic (SAR), advocates the early elimination of the terrorist threat and the termination of the internal armed conflict in this country through political and diplomatic means through a broad inter-Syrian dialogue without preliminary conditions and external intervention.

    They note the decisive contribution of the Russian Federation to eliminating the hotbeds of international terrorism, which created the conditions for ending the civil war and achieving a long-term political settlement in the SAR, and highly appreciate the contribution of the Republic of Kazakhstan to resolving the situation in Syria by providing a platform for international meetings in Astana.

    The CSTO is not a party to the operation in Syria. At the same time, we proceed from the fact that the decision of the President of the Russian Federation V.Putin on the withdrawal of the Russian troops was thoughtful, and says that the grouping of the Russian troops completed all the tasks set in the Syrian Arab Republic.

   The CSTO Secretariat stresses the need to intensify and give a truly comprehensive inter-Syrian dialogue, aimed at consolidating all the ethno-confessional and political components of Syrian society, its traditional institutions, connecting ordinary Syrians to efforts to establish normal political life in the country, defining the contours of the state structure for post-conflict period and long term.


CSTO spokesman Vladimir Zainetdinov

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