On March 28, 2023, a meeting of the International Headquarters of the CSTO regional operation "Illegal" was held under the chairmanship of the Secretary of the Coordination Council of the Heads of the Competent Authorities of the CSTO Member States on Combating Illegal Migration, Lieutenant General of Police Valentina Kazakova, Head of the Main Department of the Interior Ministry of Russia.

In the period from 27 to 30 March 2023, at the Management Academy of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, the training on management of units included in the formations of special forces of the CSTO CRRF in carrying out special operations is held for representatives of the senior staff of law enforcement agencies and special services of the CSTO member states.


The Agreement on jurisdiction and legal assistance in cases of temporary stay of formations of the collective security system on the territories of the Collective Security Treaty Organization member states entered into force and was signed by the members of the CSTO Collective Security Council in Dushanbe on September 16, 2021.

The CSTO mission headed by the Secretary General of the Organization Stanislav Zas arrived in the Republic of Armenia to study the situation, including on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan, and prepare proposals for additional joint measures


  On September 20, this year, in accordance with the decision of the extraordinary meeting of the CSTO Collective Security Council, the Mission headed by the CSTO Secretary General Stanislav Zas arrived in the Republic of Armenia. The Mission comprised representatives of the CSTO member states, who are members of the Organization's working bodies.

  The mission is tasked with assessing the current situation, preparing a detailed report to the heads of the CSTO member states on the situation in the region and working out proposals to de-escalate tension in certain areas on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

  In the course of the work of the mission it is planned to study and monitor the current situation in the border regions, as well as to hold meetings with senior political and military leadership of the Republic of Armenia.

  On the eve of the work in the Republic of Armenia, the advance team of the CSTO Mission headed by the CSTO Chief of Joint Staff, Colonel General Anatoly Sidorov completed its work.


The CSTO Press Secretary Vladimir Zaynetdinov



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