The Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 ended with the complete victory of the Soviet people over Nazi Germany. Fascism was eliminated in Germany itself and in European states.

In a difficult, bitter struggle, the Soviet people defended their national sovereignty and defended their homeland. Having defeated the strike forces of world reaction, the Soviet Union and its Armed Forces carried out a historical liberation mission in Europe and Asia, made a decisive contribution to the cause of saving European and world civilization.

For almost four years, the Soviet-German front has chained the bulk of the forces and means of Nazi Germany. From 190 to 270, the most combat-ready divisions of the fascist bloc simultaneously acted against the Soviet troops, that is, more than 3/4 of their total number.

On the Soviet-German front, 607 enemy divisions were defeated and captured. The victory over Nazi Germany is an outstanding event in the world history. This is the national and military pride of the peoples of Russia and all the republics of the Soviet Union.