International conference of the Collective Security Treaty Organization "On the Role and Nature of Interaction between International and Regional Organizations in the Fight against International Terrorism", Moscow 30 October 2019

Speech by SCO Deputy Secretary General Xie XIAONYUN

Speech by SCO Deputy Secretary General Xie XIAONYUN 30.10.2019

Welcome message on behalf of the SCO Secretary General

Mr. Norov to the participants of the CSTO International Conference “On the Role and Character of the Interaction of International and Regional Organizations in the Fight against International Terrorism”

(Moscow, October 30, 2019)

Dear Valery Anatolyevich,

Dear colleagues,

Ladies and Gentlemen!

First of all, I would like to sincerely thank the leadership of the Collective Security Treaty Organization for the invitation to this conference, the great importance of which is determined by its representative composition of participants and the global agenda for discussion. I am convinced that today we will be able to substantively discuss the challenges and threats to global and regional security, to clarify our approaches to maintaining stability in the Eurasian space.

The stated topics of today's event occupy a crucial place in the activities of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. The fight against the "three forces of evil" - terrorism, separatism and extremism has been a key area of the SCO's work since its inception in 2001.

Dear friends,

Our Organization has a rather large legal base regulating counteraction to the “three forces of evil” - currently about 600 agreements, programs and mechanisms have been adopted. The fundamental documents on which the SCO relies in the implementation of the tasks in this area are the Shanghai Convention on the Suppression of Terrorism, Separatism and Extremism, the Declaration on the Establishment of the SCO and the SCO Charter, as well as the Program for the fight against terrorism, separatism and extremism, adopted at the Organization's summit in Qingdao in 2018. The implementation of this document enhances the effectiveness of the work of the relevant departments of the member countries in countering these threats, and strengthens the efforts of states to combat terrorism.

The SCO has developed a whole system of interaction between relevant ministries and departments on security issues. In order to facilitate coordination and cooperation among the competent authorities, the Regional Anti-Terrorism Structure (RATS) was established in June 2004, whose main functions include collecting information on the sources and channels of financing of international terrorist organizations.

As part of the work of the Organization, a series of events is also being carried out aimed at ensuring the security of the borders of the space of member states. First of all, we are talking about regular joint military anti-terrorism exercises "Peace Mission", the main goals of which are to improve the coherence of the command and control of the combined group of forces (armed forces) in the preparation and conduct of a joint anti-terrorist operation, as well as the mutual development of basic tactics and methods of action to ensure the activities of units led by a joint body of military command. The latest exercises to date have been held in 2018 in Russia, for the first time the armed forces of India and Pakistan took part in them.

Dear colleagues,

Currently, the situation in the region remains difficult. We see that there is a growing threat from foreign militants who, leaving their countries, arrive in the third to continue terrorist activities in the SCO region. And the centers of this threat are three countries: Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is an SCO observer state and, importantly, has a land border with the countries of our Organization. An early solution to the Afghan problem is the key to maintaining and strengthening security and stability in the SCO space.

On this track, the main achievement of the SCO is the adoption at the SCO summit in Bishkek in June of this year of the “Road Map” of further actions by the SCO-Afghanistan Contact Group. This document is aimed, in particular, at suppressing the activities of MTOs based on Afghan territory, including the elimination of potential transportation channels for militants to neighboring SCO states, as well as their material and technical support. Our Organization is ready to cooperate with other states and international and regional organizations in building a peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan.

Dear friends,

The rapid development of information and communication technologies allows terrorists to distribute extremist materials, recruit them into the ranks of terrorists, sell drugs, as well as weapons and other means of committing criminal acts on the Internet. The issue of cybersecurity is becoming increasingly relevant.

The concept of cooperation in the field of digitalization and information and communication technologies, approved in Bishkek, aimed at reducing terrorist activity through the World Wide Web and monitoring the SCO’s Internet space, is called upon to strengthen interaction within the Organization in the field of cybersecurity. In this regard, we call for the consolidation of interstate efforts with the aim of creating regional and international mechanisms to ensure cybersecurity in the Eurasian space, as well as universal rules, principles and norms of responsible behavior of states in the information space.

The SCO also pays great attention to the humanitarian component: we consider the most important task to prevent the involvement of the young generation in terrorist activities. As part of the work of our association, a set of preventive measures is being taken to prevent the spread of ideas among young people. A vivid confirmation of this is the adoption in the summer of last year at the Qingdao summit of the Joint appeal of the heads of the SCO member states to young people, as well as the Program of Action for the implementation of its provisions. I am sure that the call to join forces in this direction will undoubtedly find a positive response.

Dear colleagues,

Today it is becoming apparent that it is impossible to fight alone against threats such as terrorism, extremism and separatism. It is necessary to consolidate all the efforts of the international community in the fight against these threats. The SCO pays great attention to international cooperation in the fight against terrorism and extremism. In the framework of the implementation of the provisions of the Memoranda of Understanding, the SCO actively cooperates with leading international and regional organizations - the Collective Security Treaty Organization, the CIS, ASEAN, CICA, as well as with the relevant United Nations agencies - the Office for Drugs and Crime, the Counter-Terrorism Directorate and the Regional Center for Preventive Diplomacy for Central Asia. We also intend to expand our cooperation. In March this year, in Vienna, on the sidelines of the ministerial segment of the 62nd session of the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs at the headquarters of the UN Vienna Office, the SCO Secretary General met with the OSCE and Interpol Secretary Generals, during which they noted the interest of organizations in strengthening cooperation with the SCO, taking into account common challenges and threats in the vast Eurasian space. Today, we are ready to expand dialogue with the OSCE and Interpol in ensuring peace and stability in Eurasia.

Without a doubt, I would like to express my firm commitment to the efforts of the UN as a universal and multilateral organization in maintaining international peace and security. The SCO member states call for the effective implementation of the requirements of relevant resolutions of the UN Security Council regarding counteraction to any form of support for terrorism.

We hope that the symbiosis of the efforts of states, regional and international associations in countering this common threat and one of the most dangerous challenges for all of humanity today will lead to the development of effective consensus decisions to prevent any support for terrorist activities, as well as to spread the consequences arising from it around the world.

In conclusion, I want to wish all participants of the conference fruitful work and constructive discussions.

Thank you for attention!

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