At the meeting of the CSTO Permanent Council, an action plan was agreed to implement the decisions of the session of the Collective Security Council



   February 18, this year. A meeting of the Permanent Council of the Collective Security Treaty Organization was held under the chairmanship of Aman Mambetseitov, Permanent and Plenipotentiary Representative of the Kyrgyz Republic, in which Valery Semerikov, Acting Secretary General of the CSTO, took part.

   The draft Action Plan for the implementation of the decisions of the November (2018) session of the CSTO Collective Security Council held in Astana and the priorities proposed by the Kyrgyz Republic for the Organization’s chairmanship in 2019 was reviewed and agreed upon. The Permanent Council decided to recommend the CSTO Secretariat to submit a draft document in the prescribed manner for consideration by the Chairman of the CSTO Collective Security Council.


CSTO spokesman Vladimir Zainetdinov



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